By Sebastiaan Hoogewerf

Master Of Creativity in Patisserie;Christophe Michalak

My absolute rolemodel and inspirator must be Christophe Michalak.who works as Executive Pastrychef in Plaza Athenee in Paris.

After i came in contact with his pastry,through the masterclass in Valrhona,i became really interested in his particular style of pastry.

His inspiration comes mostly from the fashion industrie,with some influences from mother nature.

Brilliant creativity and so clean and neat!

I hope you enjoy the below pictures,i know i will!

Best regards S.


CoupeFraiseMelba ElixirPlaza

brownie2008 BuchetteMarroncassis

EclairVieneta EclairSandwich

AlambicRougecerise Finger

Pschitt TurronPlaza

TarteSicilienne Vacherintropical

MSmalabar Madeclaration

MrSmith MousseCrunchy



3 responses

  1. Sorry Sebastiaan,

    Was not able to find your email address:

    This is the link to download

    September 10, 2009 at 5:48 pm

  2. antonio angora

    per me sei il piu grande di tutti creativo e fantasioso di un livello altissimo spero di diventare come te grande chris.

    October 8, 2009 at 5:06 pm

  3. Meir


    you have a very beautful blog and amazing photos. where are these photos taken from? does michelak have a book?

    May 7, 2010 at 5:58 am

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