By Sebastiaan Hoogewerf

Ramadan Kareem


Every year with Ramadan,we provide a huge tent on the beach for a luxurious fast breaking experience.

Different sizes boots are offered with fluffy pillows and poofs.

Also there fully equipt with lcd tv,ps3 and there are board games available for the ultimate chill to break the fast named “Iftar”.

The capacity of our beach tent is about 665 people and is then also on great demand in the weekend where they make a double rotation on the capacity,meaning 900/1200 pax a la carte!

Still the best way for me to relaxe is with a nice Anise tea and a “double apple/mint shisha”!

Ramadan Kareem and wish you allready a  nice “Eid al Iftar”

Best regards Sebastiaan



Chef Ajas and Chef Resly prepping dates for breaking the fast


Chef Manesh in action with manequish dough



Chef Watalapam preparing Umali,which get baked on order


Fresh Arabic bread baked on order


Sun under,spots on,Iftar time!


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