By Sebastiaan Hoogewerf

Candied Flowers from Flor&Flor

Lavender Flor&Flor_edited-1

Visiting a pastry chef seminar in Grand Hyatt last week,which was organised by EMF,who is the distributor for Barry Callebaut Chocolate,PCB Creations,Flor&Flor,Capfruit,Stephan food processors and many more in Dubai.

Demonstrations were given by:

Emmanuel Ryon (World Champion Pastry,Best Ice Cream Worker of France)

Philippe Bertrand (Best Chocolate Worker of France)

Philippe Marand ( Technical Advisor Cacoa Barry)

Very interesting new creations and on the end a presentation of Chocolate Showpiece.

After that we could have a look what the suppliers brought as new assortiment!

PCB Creations showed some kickass new decorations possibilities,for example marshmallow sheets which you can buy with personnel logo’s or trendy print.

And new crunchy decoration niblets in gold,zilver,ruby etc.

Then i had a look at Flor&Flor and as you can see in the picture above they provide some cool stuff!!

Edible,candied roses,jasmine,lavender,whole roses etc.

And even they developed candied flower segments which are resistents against moisture,so suitable in cremes,ice creams,mouses etc.

Here in Dubai i didnt see them yet,but back home we used them alredy for years,so hopefully soon you will find some creations with this new “ingredient/garnish”

Best regards Sebastiaan


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