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My last New Year’s Eve Gala Diner in Dubai Monster Posting

First of all i wish everybody a spectacular,gastronomic and healthy 2010,may all your wishes come true!!!

Again a event to remember!!NYE Gala diner on the beach for 1800pax,wow what a blast!!

Amazingly decorated and setup in the colors white,violet and black,and as you can see in the pics it looked amazing!

For the pastry we needed to setup 4 buffets,on both head sides of the tent 2.

It was again lots of organizing, logistic planning and of course every 5 minutes on the line with suppliers to check if our ingredients will come on time,hhaha!

Once the buffets were setup everybody could finally breath and also enjoy from a magical NYE to follow!

(In the header is written:”my last”,this because i will be moving on…..!!will keep you posted).

Stunning bread displays by our resort executive baker: Chef Michael Muhry (Austria)

Seafood display on ice carved cylinders!

Always a “runner and a stunner” the live ice cream station.

Giant ice cream station,carved in ice cylinders

Firework show was absolutely amazing,it felt like an hour in a fairytail,even in the backdrop we saw the fireworks from Atlantis as well,amazing!!!

And offcourse the band,which made 1800 people left their table and swing the night away on the dance floor!!

After heading back up to the kitchens for the final debrief of the year we had a small sneak peak at Aterlier party which was going in our Multi Purpose Venue.Wow,2000 people having a absolute blast!!

A final peak at the skies and 2010 is officially started,my last New Years Eve event in Dubai came to a end!!

Sebastiaan Hoogewerf