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Master Pastry Chef Gianluca Fusto “Creations & Consultence”

My friend,inspiration, and definitive the  best pastry chef i ever had the chance to work along side with,master pastry chef Gianluca Fusto.

I met chef Gianluca 2 years ago when he was Executive pastry chef  Mediterian area for Valrhona.

He really over whelmed me with new techniques, flavor combinations and a absolute unique style which is extremely clean and elegant.

I really enjoyed so much working with chef Gianluca Fusto,and i still benefit from the chance i had to work along side with him.

Now a days chef Gianluca started his own consultancy company which provide technical assistance for pastry all over the world and in many different forms,such as restaurant,hotel, pastry shops ,chocolaterie etc.

As you can see in the photos below and above it’s a absolute joy see his creations!!

Best regards Sebastiaan

For more information about Gianluca Fusto Consultancy:

Gianluca Fusto

Pasticceria d’autore

+39 389 6916364


Dutch Pastry Team “House of Talent”



As Holland is not a famous country for desserts, its ammount of talent is rising each day.

Each year they hold a Dutch pastry Award competition,and if you win this competition you wil get offered a “aspirant membership” of the Dutch Pastry Team.

Every year young talent across whole Netherlands and even Belgium are competing for this price.

For the competition you will have to make a open pastryshow piece with a dessert cake.

Every year they will give you a subject what you need to incorporate in your Showpiece and cake.

Below some foto’s from a member of the Dutch Pastry Team,


Cheers S.






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