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Master Pastry Chef Gianluca Fusto “Creations & Consultence”

My friend,inspiration, and definitive the  best pastry chef i ever had the chance to work along side with,master pastry chef Gianluca Fusto.

I met chef Gianluca 2 years ago when he was Executive pastry chef  Mediterian area for Valrhona.

He really over whelmed me with new techniques, flavor combinations and a absolute unique style which is extremely clean and elegant.

I really enjoyed so much working with chef Gianluca Fusto,and i still benefit from the chance i had to work along side with him.

Now a days chef Gianluca started his own consultancy company which provide technical assistance for pastry all over the world and in many different forms,such as restaurant,hotel, pastry shops ,chocolaterie etc.

As you can see in the photos below and above it’s a absolute joy see his creations!!

Best regards Sebastiaan

For more information about Gianluca Fusto Consultancy:

Gianluca Fusto

Pasticceria d’autore

+39 389 6916364


Pastry in Europe ’09,”a must have!”


When i recently found out the making of this annual pastry magazine,i could not wait to lay my hands on of them.

Because when i just started in the pastry,i was lucky enough to be featured in Patisserie&Desserts part 2,which is a sweet version of Culinaire Saisonnier  magazine,which mostly features,Netherlands,Belgium and France.

Now a days that magazines became a collectors items which get sold for almost 10 times the original price!(Luckey i have part 1-8 safely at home,haha.)

Now years later a special edition came on the market;Pastry in Europe,which features the most best pastissiers/chocolatiers/glaciers/bakers/confectioners etc. from whole Europe!

Which is very cool,as there is no other magazine on the market which is all about pastry as Pastry in Europe.

It shows new techniques,new presentations,plated desserts,traditional breads and cakes,licorice(as this we consume with tons in the Netherlands!)

A absolute must have as a pastrylover,pastry chef or just pastry enthusiast!!

Check quickly the link to Pastry In Europe to get yourself also a copy of this kickass Magazine.And make already a reservation for your Pastry in Europe 2010,which is coming soon!

Pleasure reading and enjoy some snaps below!

p.s. Thanks a lot Joost for sending me the magazine,i loved reading it,keep up the amazing work!!

Regards S.



Master Of Creativity in Patisserie;Christophe Michalak

My absolute rolemodel and inspirator must be Christophe Michalak.who works as Executive Pastrychef in Plaza Athenee in Paris.

After i came in contact with his pastry,through the masterclass in Valrhona,i became really interested in his particular style of pastry.

His inspiration comes mostly from the fashion industrie,with some influences from mother nature.

Brilliant creativity and so clean and neat!

I hope you enjoy the below pictures,i know i will!

Best regards S.


CoupeFraiseMelba ElixirPlaza

brownie2008 BuchetteMarroncassis

EclairVieneta EclairSandwich

AlambicRougecerise Finger

Pschitt TurronPlaza

TarteSicilienne Vacherintropical

MSmalabar Madeclaration

MrSmith MousseCrunchy


Gianluca Fusto with Valrhona @ Gulffood ’08

I finally took some time to transfer the pics from my other laptop!

Thought you might enjoy to see what we made in ’08 with Gianluca Fusto and Valrhona on the Gulffood.

This was my first meet with Gianluca and it was direct a good “click”.

I learned a lot of amazing things from him and cannot wait to work with him together soon again!

Cheers S.






Dutch Pastry Team “House of Talent”



As Holland is not a famous country for desserts, its ammount of talent is rising each day.

Each year they hold a Dutch pastry Award competition,and if you win this competition you wil get offered a “aspirant membership” of the Dutch Pastry Team.

Every year young talent across whole Netherlands and even Belgium are competing for this price.

For the competition you will have to make a open pastryshow piece with a dessert cake.

Every year they will give you a subject what you need to incorporate in your Showpiece and cake.

Below some foto’s from a member of the Dutch Pastry Team,


Cheers S.






taart frank




Pisces CookBook


Finally it came hot from the press, the “Pisces CookBook”.

Last year i was lucky enough to make some desserts for the book and enjoyed it a lot.

And learned a lot!! Wauw i never thought that cooking for a book was that difficult and time consuming!

There are so many things you have to think about such as;

Light,angle ,presentation,plates etc.

I really hope to have one day a book of my own,with my own personal style.

Cheers S.





Gianluca Fusto & Valrhona on the Gulffood “09


Last week it was again a amazing experience with my friend,teacher and inspirator Gianluca Fusto,which is one of worlds best pastry chefs.

Again i was lucky enough to assist him again for the Gulf Foof Fair 09.Where we prepared degustations for clientele of Valrhona.

The distrubutor for Valrhona in Dubai is Chef Middle East,so we were together on a big stand.

2 days before the gulffood we started preparing in our pastry kitchen in Madinat.

Again i was amazed by the techniques,flavours,combinations and  artisitic finishings.

Think about; a truffle with grapefruit,wasabi,white chocolate and green tea.

Caramelized white chocolate,vanilla & olive oil infused apple,apricot jelly,chocolate croutons and almond mousse.

 It is every time a amazing experience to work with him and i hope i get a change to work with him soon again!

Underneath some degustations we prepared and some items from Varhona.

Valrhona is for me the best proffesional chocolate maker in the world,and even with their side products they are the best,think about crystal glaze with thermo reversible pectine. Crunchy pearls,cacoabutter and their unending support in form from recipies and technical support,moulds and even a school, where the best pastrychefs can provide you proffesional trainings.

Cheers S.