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Twilight is amazing!!

Having a lazy day off and watching the beautiful twilight from the balcony here in Dubai!!


More @ mOre Cafe Dubai Mall

After discovering More Cafe in Dubai,i really became a regular guest on my off days.

Such honest,fresh no-nonsense comfort food in a perfect surrounding and atmosphere!

Easily can spend here hours and hours,just perfect food and excellent for a perfect chillout.

Very famous is their; “build your own burger” which comes on a etaigiere with all the condiments for the burger.

Also this time i tried their Dutch Potato salad,which is potato,apple,gurkens,parsley and mayonaise,mmm,i taste my home!!!

Unique presentations of food and beverage and i love the style of the interieur!

MoreCafe(s) is absolutely recommended by PastryNetwork!!!!

Best regards Sebastiaan

Marina Walk @ Dubai Marina & JBR


Since long time decided to go again to Dubai Marina to check out its progress.

Wow,and progressed it was,what a beautiful area,so peaceful and so many restaurants with terras to have the perfect chill out on your off day!

Each terras was full as also the weather was fantastic,a nice breeze and perfect temperature.

Had some lunch in the Butcher Shop and had a great afternoon just chilling like back home in Europe!

For sure i will return in this paradise under construction!

Best regards Sebastiaan







With the family having over in Dubai,we decided to have a look in Pierchic Restaurant.A Restaurant with many awards and when we received “the  Pierchic experience” we knew also why they got many awards!

Excellent service,excellent ambience,and outstanding food!

Chef Chris Graham rocks behind the stove here at Pierchic and if there was any Michelin guide here in Dubai,i am sure they would be proud owners of a star or two.

With 9 courses,a lot of wine and a stunning dining experience richer we heading back to Al Qasr.

Wauw, truly an amazing experience and if you come one time to Dubai,you should try it!






Panasonic Lumix DMC LX3


Finally got the chance to play with a new toy named:Panasonic DMC-LX3.

Wauw,what a kickass performance in such a little case!

It’s very convenient to find such a performer in small size,cause its way more easy and confortable  now to make action shots at work.

Shots of the Panasonic i took with my Sony Alpha A 350.

P.s the shots of Ramadan Kareem are the first trial shots with the Lumix.

Cheers CW from Sugarhead for advise for te Lumix!

Best regards S,


Ramadan Kareem


Every year with Ramadan,we provide a huge tent on the beach for a luxurious fast breaking experience.

Different sizes boots are offered with fluffy pillows and poofs.

Also there fully equipt with lcd tv,ps3 and there are board games available for the ultimate chill to break the fast named “Iftar”.

The capacity of our beach tent is about 665 people and is then also on great demand in the weekend where they make a double rotation on the capacity,meaning 900/1200 pax a la carte!

Still the best way for me to relaxe is with a nice Anise tea and a “double apple/mint shisha”!

Ramadan Kareem and wish you allready a  nice “Eid al Iftar”

Best regards Sebastiaan



Chef Ajas and Chef Resly prepping dates for breaking the fast


Chef Manesh in action with manequish dough



Chef Watalapam preparing Umali,which get baked on order


Fresh Arabic bread baked on order


Sun under,spots on,Iftar time!

Illy Coffee @ Dubai Mall


Finally i found a descent cup of coffee in Dubai.

“Illy” opened a small little coffee shop in Dubai Mall recently.

It must be the best coffee i found since im here 3years in Dubai!

In Dubai you find lots of coffee shops,but for me the coffee isn’t that great!

Even they have big names,like Starbucks,Costa,Second Cup etc.

No this was a absolute treat of proper coffee in Dubai!