By Sebastiaan Hoogewerf

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When Japan meets India

Last week we had a very unusual but very exciting wedding program for 2 days.

A mixed wedding with Japan and India!!

The whole conference center was changed into a Japanese scenery with temples,lampions,big drums,Sakura(cherry blossoms)and off course many more what make you remember of Japan.

First day was very exciting as there would be a double cake cutting ceremony which was done by sheikh Mohammed and the chairman,plus the groom and the bride.

Also was the first day only for the family,Royal guests and close friends.Which reached the number of 1200!

It was a great success with lots of elegance,luxury and no limit on money spending.

Second day was a bit different as this day was for all the staff from the universities and hospitals which were owned by the chairman (father of the groom)

Wedding cake was also an unusual flavor which was Greentea with Vanilla.

outside of the cake we layered with chocolate sheets which were printed with cacoabutter in the same design as the invitation card.

I hope you enjoy.