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When Japan meets India

Last week we had a very unusual but very exciting wedding program for 2 days.

A mixed wedding with Japan and India!!

The whole conference center was changed into a Japanese scenery with temples,lampions,big drums,Sakura(cherry blossoms)and off course many more what make you remember of Japan.

First day was very exciting as there would be a double cake cutting ceremony which was done by sheikh Mohammed and the chairman,plus the groom and the bride.

Also was the first day only for the family,Royal guests and close friends.Which reached the number of 1200!

It was a great success with lots of elegance,luxury and no limit on money spending.

Second day was a bit different as this day was for all the staff from the universities and hospitals which were owned by the chairman (father of the groom)

Wedding cake was also an unusual flavor which was Greentea with Vanilla.

outside of the cake we layered with chocolate sheets which were printed with cacoabutter in the same design as the invitation card.

I hope you enjoy.


My last New Year’s Eve Gala Diner in Dubai Monster Posting

First of all i wish everybody a spectacular,gastronomic and healthy 2010,may all your wishes come true!!!

Again a event to remember!!NYE Gala diner on the beach for 1800pax,wow what a blast!!

Amazingly decorated and setup in the colors white,violet and black,and as you can see in the pics it looked amazing!

For the pastry we needed to setup 4 buffets,on both head sides of the tent 2.

It was again lots of organizing, logistic planning and of course every 5 minutes on the line with suppliers to check if our ingredients will come on time,hhaha!

Once the buffets were setup everybody could finally breath and also enjoy from a magical NYE to follow!

(In the header is written:”my last”,this because i will be moving on…..!!will keep you posted).

Stunning bread displays by our resort executive baker: Chef Michael Muhry (Austria)

Seafood display on ice carved cylinders!

Always a “runner and a stunner” the live ice cream station.

Giant ice cream station,carved in ice cylinders

Firework show was absolutely amazing,it felt like an hour in a fairytail,even in the backdrop we saw the fireworks from Atlantis as well,amazing!!!

And offcourse the band,which made 1800 people left their table and swing the night away on the dance floor!!

After heading back up to the kitchens for the final debrief of the year we had a small sneak peak at Aterlier party which was going in our Multi Purpose Venue.Wow,2000 people having a absolute blast!!

A final peak at the skies and 2010 is officially started,my last New Years Eve event in Dubai came to a end!!

Sebastiaan Hoogewerf

Candied Flowers from Flor&Flor

Lavender Flor&Flor_edited-1

Visiting a pastry chef seminar in Grand Hyatt last week,which was organised by EMF,who is the distributor for Barry Callebaut Chocolate,PCB Creations,Flor&Flor,Capfruit,Stephan food processors and many more in Dubai.

Demonstrations were given by:

Emmanuel Ryon (World Champion Pastry,Best Ice Cream Worker of France)

Philippe Bertrand (Best Chocolate Worker of France)

Philippe Marand ( Technical Advisor Cacoa Barry)

Very interesting new creations and on the end a presentation of Chocolate Showpiece.

After that we could have a look what the suppliers brought as new assortiment!

PCB Creations showed some kickass new decorations possibilities,for example marshmallow sheets which you can buy with personnel logo’s or trendy print.

And new crunchy decoration niblets in gold,zilver,ruby etc.

Then i had a look at Flor&Flor and as you can see in the picture above they provide some cool stuff!!

Edible,candied roses,jasmine,lavender,whole roses etc.

And even they developed candied flower segments which are resistents against moisture,so suitable in cremes,ice creams,mouses etc.

Here in Dubai i didnt see them yet,but back home we used them alredy for years,so hopefully soon you will find some creations with this new “ingredient/garnish”

Best regards Sebastiaan

Pastry in Europe ’09,”a must have!”


When i recently found out the making of this annual pastry magazine,i could not wait to lay my hands on of them.

Because when i just started in the pastry,i was lucky enough to be featured in Patisserie&Desserts part 2,which is a sweet version of Culinaire Saisonnier  magazine,which mostly features,Netherlands,Belgium and France.

Now a days that magazines became a collectors items which get sold for almost 10 times the original price!(Luckey i have part 1-8 safely at home,haha.)

Now years later a special edition came on the market;Pastry in Europe,which features the most best pastissiers/chocolatiers/glaciers/bakers/confectioners etc. from whole Europe!

Which is very cool,as there is no other magazine on the market which is all about pastry as Pastry in Europe.

It shows new techniques,new presentations,plated desserts,traditional breads and cakes,licorice(as this we consume with tons in the Netherlands!)

A absolute must have as a pastrylover,pastry chef or just pastry enthusiast!!

Check quickly the link to Pastry In Europe to get yourself also a copy of this kickass Magazine.And make already a reservation for your Pastry in Europe 2010,which is coming soon!

Pleasure reading and enjoy some snaps below!

p.s. Thanks a lot Joost for sending me the magazine,i loved reading it,keep up the amazing work!!

Regards S.



Balloon Galore!!!


Sometimes we get crazy requests,and this is one of them.The day before yesterday we were asked to provide the guest with a sorbet served in a iced balloon!

Nice idea for ala carte or vip guest upto 100 max.But this time we have to provide it for 11oo guests!!!

And all this with 3 days notice,great!!

After getting plans together,where to store so many trolleys and in which freezers?!!

To fill the balloon is one thing,but to time the exact thickness of the outer shell of the ice is an other!

4/5 hours in the freezer and a half hour in the blastfreezer was the trick we found out.

After take the frozen balloon cut the latex and lay it side ways on the stove,to burn a nice flat opening to remove the excess water,and put it a few seconds on the base to provide a stable side to stand.

When the service is ready for pickup,take out of freezer,place on a napkin and fill the ice with crushed ice and place your small dish with sorbet.

For an extra wow effect you could add dry ice and make hot before service pickup.

See below the fun we had with prepping the ice.

Regards S.








Master Of Creativity in Patisserie;Christophe Michalak

My absolute rolemodel and inspirator must be Christophe Michalak.who works as Executive Pastrychef in Plaza Athenee in Paris.

After i came in contact with his pastry,through the masterclass in Valrhona,i became really interested in his particular style of pastry.

His inspiration comes mostly from the fashion industrie,with some influences from mother nature.

Brilliant creativity and so clean and neat!

I hope you enjoy the below pictures,i know i will!

Best regards S.


CoupeFraiseMelba ElixirPlaza

brownie2008 BuchetteMarroncassis

EclairVieneta EclairSandwich

AlambicRougecerise Finger

Pschitt TurronPlaza

TarteSicilienne Vacherintropical

MSmalabar Madeclaration

MrSmith MousseCrunchy